Deep Inside

3 months. 3 months together. I have never expect that i will be with a boy more than month.

While that 3 months i totally changed my priorities. Maybe because i totally fell in love.

Now i want marriege and kids from him. Only from him. But before i met him i always thought that i will not have kids or marry on somebody, because i wanted to be free every day of my life. Now everything changed. I love him like i never loved anyone before and im so scary to loose him. I want to wake up with him, i want spend every minute in my life with him, im ready to do everithing for him.

Its very stupid but i cant change anything, i cant throw my feelings away, i tried but i realised i cant. I know that it can destroy me if we broke up. Now im  weak because , who fall in love he loose his mind totally and become a slave of his partner.

 i think he only have fun with me , that dissapoint me. i need to do something with my feelings. Im scared to love somebody because that can hurt me a lot and i have swared after my dad left us that nobody will cause me mental pain again. I was strong girl for my brother and my mum and offcourse for myself and I was taught to hide my feelings and i will not change that. never. I will never let somebody cause me pain because of love. Never...