inogda v 7.15 utra ya piwu vot takie vot pisma priyatelyam..

Hello, XXXX! Its 7.16 on clocks and I just got home.
U know what? I had a funny (but in a good way) night. First I went to some half-black club, the party pretended to be french i guess, but it wasn`t. I had an awful acid drink there. Then there was Bal Room (or whatever is that name). The dj was fucking crazzzyy and good, but at the same time very commercial.
Then finallly (with some adventures, coz i`m still new at the city) i got to Circus Afterhours. Say it was good? not really sure. The x was hitting me so much, that i could barely move or hear the music.. I was kinda drowing in the waves... haha... u know what i mean, do u?
Oh! i didnt tell u the most important part! IT WAS A MOVIEEEE!!! u were in my movie also. and ur friends. Especially nice guy (shit! forgot his name). So... moving back to me... ZOOM IN. Met a guy. He really helped me, coz he didnt let me be silent. Was talking to me all the time. He is romanian, so kinda close to russians... huh. he (bien sur) tried to convience me to smth, i played naive fool, and it worked. haha! so we were dancing. sloooooowwwwllllyyyy.... coz he was on coc and i was tooooo slooowwww. remember: it was hitting me sooo much.... yea, i didnt really have u a lot in my circus part of movie, maybe coz we were on different levels, u know... but i do remember ur eyes, ur words (partly)... coz i tried to be focused! but it was sooooo hard. anyway, moving on.
There were 3 stupid details: 3 guys offered me coc. 2 were on it, third one was a dealer and was pretty mad at me (WHY U REJECTING IT SO RUDE?? bla-bla), but at the end we laugthed and i disappeard. (FUCKING SPELLING!!)
then. my movie was going on, i was laughting all the time... the guy said i`m strange, but cute. haha. i said we r all russians like that (which isnt true, bien sur).
Afterwards, u left. My movie became paranoic and sad. The guy was leaving by car, so he drove me home. He works for 1234 by the way!
when i was downstairs, i called my nephew and asked her to open the door. i got in. she, poor baby, sleeps covering with a blue thing from my chair. Coz there is no more cover and she was shy to take mine. very sweet of her, yea? :)
so as u see.... now i`m just sitting her, telling u about my movie, sweety. :)
and (bien sur) i look like a ghost.

dont be mad at me for any reason, please, and give me a call as soon as u wish. dont think i`m gonna sleep till night today. :))

p.p.s. hope u r sleeping

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