K1113prof26 (700x525, 20Kb)

Single place prone, flying wing glider of conventional wood & fabric construction with retractable taildragger undercarriage and one-piece elevons.

• K121 is designed to promote regional introductory flight learning by providing flight clubs with instruction to procure materials and fabricate own aircraft using approved conventional methods and technologies.

• Aircraft spruce ribs are connected to spruce spars and covered with fabric to provide the strength and the flying wing shape of a highly efficient aerodynamic configuration.

• Large wing root chord compensates the effect of lift loss along the middle.

• For stability and control, outboard wing sections are washed out and house large one-piece elevons.

• Prone flying position reduces overall size and weight, as well as cardiovascular stress during sustained loads.

• The airframe is sized for moderate glide ratios and air speeds.

• Aircraft fabric is sewn to shape, lased to wing ribs, spars and formers and sealed with dope. Lace knots, seams and edges are covered with tape and doped.

• Aerodynamic controls consist of two elevons manually actuated by a mix of Pilot's pitch and roll inputs.

• Taildragger tricycle undercarriage is manually retractable.

• Leading edge and dorsal transparencies allow wider field of view.

• A hook lock is used for air tow or catapult launch.