"I am the superman
The great enemy of evil
I fight for goodness
Fight for what’s right
The superman with superpowers
The super good, against bad behavior

I’ve always been a superman
When I was a boy I wanted to be a fireman
Run through the flames with my super helmet
Pump up water and fight the fire
Hot flames and evil smoke
Smash things up with a big hammer
And rescue all the good people
The proper citizens

I wanted to make my mom proud of me
She was my superwoman
I wanted to be a doctor
Fight against diseases with my knowledge
Make my mom immortal
Help everybody who was in trouble or feeling bad

And I wanted to be an officer
A policeman with a blue uniform
Put bad people into jail and keep crime off the streets
Chase gangsters with my super car
And shoot them up with my bullets

I wanted to be a great man, like my father
The good man, taking care of his loving family,
Wife and son
Coming home everyday after work and read a newspaper
Build a house in the countryside I’d go fishing

Now I got it all
My wife doesn’t love me anymore
But that’s ok
I’ve got the other plans already
I have it all figured out
I am the superman
Fight against the bad

One day I’ll fly away
Like a butterfly high up into the sky
And I’ll touch the sun"

Sounds of silence